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Ukraine: News Sources and Public Opinion Polls

Russian president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. This is the guide to reliable sources of information for current events, maps, history of Ukraine, as well as academic discourse on this unprovoked invasion.

The Russian government has been blocking news outlets since the beginning of the invasion on February 24 to prevent accurate reports on the war. After issuing an order on reporting news from official sources only, they have blocked Echo of Moscow (Эхо Москвы), Rain TV (Дождь), TV-2 in Tomsk,, Meduza (blocked in Russia only), and some others. Some of them continue their work on YouTube and other channels.

After the fall The old pillars of Russia’s free press have crumbled, but the journalists who ran those publications carry on. Here are their new projects (from Meduza)

In Ukraine and Russia

  • Meduza (Медуза)
    • English or Russian language news. You can also subscribe to email updates
  • KIT
    • In Russian, email subscription with editorial content and practical information. 
  • NV (HB)
    • independent media holding created in 2014 by a team of professional journalists. Includes weekly magazine NV, news site NV.UA, talk radio NV, and discussion panels. 
  • Kyiv Independent
    • English-language newspaper published in the Ukrainian capital
  • Echo of Moscow (Эхо Москвы)
    • Russian-language news radio
    • "liquidated" by the Russian government
    • search for "живой гвоздь" on YouTube
    • St. Petersburg section search "ищем выход"
  • Rain (Дождь)
    • temporarily seized
  • Business FM (Бизнес ФМ)
    • Russian business news
  • Mediazona
  • EuroMaidan Press
  • Настоящее Время (
  • Популярная Политика (Popular Politics)
    • Navalny YouTube channel
  • iStories (Важные Истории) 


Outside of Ukraine and Russia

Public Opinion Polls