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REL / WGS 313: Marriage Across Cultures: Locating Articles

Locating Articles: How to Find them once you have identified them

Knowing that there's an article about your topic somewhere out there isn't very useful unless you can find and access it. 

Here are some ways in which you can connect to an article which you have identified in one of the Libraries' databases:

Many search databases will have helpful links labeled PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text that link directly to articles. These will connect you to articles provided to us by the database manufacturer.

If you don’t see such links, don’t despair; instead, there are a few more strategies for locating the article:

  • Look for the Find It! Button, which appears in many databases. In many cases, it will link to an online copy of an article provided to us at Miami by someone other than the database manufacturer. Occasionally, the Find It! button will indicate that the journal is available in a library facility. If it is in King Library Ground Floor, you can visit the basement of King Library to find and scan or copy the article.
  • Look for the link to Interlibrary Loan Requests. This will appear in the Find It results if we do not have access to the article; or you can go directly to this link if you are using a database which does not have the Find It! Button. A library employee will try to find a copy of the article and have it delivered to you electronically. This typically takes 2-5 weekdays.