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Graduate Student Resources: Tech How-To

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Here is where you can find basic information about important tech services Miami offers. More detailed information can be found on Miami's Information Technology Knowledge Base

Accessing your email

Your Miami University email uses your UniqueID and MUnet password.

Once you have this information, you have two main options for checking your email from your computer:

You can also connect your email to your phone or tablet using your favorite email app. Please see the IT Knowledge Base for more information about this option for Android or iOS:


Printing is available in our Libraries at a cost of $.10 for black & white or $.25 for color. Students pay for printing through their MULAA account by using their student ID.

Take a look at the Libraries' Printing page ( for more detailed information, including how to print wirelessly.

Miami University Libraries also offer a 3D printing service for interested students. Take a look at the 3D Printing Guide ( for more information.

Your M: Drive

What is M: drive?

Your M: drive (also known as MyFiles) is Miami's equivalent of cloud storage. You have 1 GB available to you. You can access any files placed in your M: drive on any machine via the MyFiles icon on a public machine desktop.

Mapping your M: drive

On a Windows computer, MyFiles can usually be accessed by using the M: drive mapping (it should appear in your Windows Explorer menus).  However, if this mapping isn't present for some reason, or if you are using an Apple computer, please visit the IT Knowledge Base for information on how to map drives on macOS and for other file storage/sharing options. 

If you are looking for information about NetDisk (the web interface previously used to access M: drive files, please view the IT Services intent to decommission the NetDisk service). 

Need Help?


The MU-WIRELESS network requires proper configuration before it is available to use. Once configured, the network will allow full access to MUnet through an encryption standard called 802.1x. (If your wireless card does not support WPA encryption, full access won't work.) You can find instructions for configuring the network for your device below (for other devices not listed here, please consult the IT Knowledge Base (

Miami also provides access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which can also be used for full encrypted access and provides a comparable level of encryption as 802.1x. See below for instructions on connecting to the VPN for your device.


Need to share a large file with someone? Miami supports FileLocker - a temporary and secure storage system that allows you to share files and data. It is not intended for long term storage as files will be deleted after 90 days.

To check it out and get started, visit