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Graduate Student Resources: Checkouts

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Here is where you can find basic information about what kinds of things can be checked out from Miami's libraries, as well as how long you can have items checked out. Keep in mind, this is not exhaustive! The library's website ( has more complete information, and you are always welcome to call us directly with your questions.


What is OhioLINK?

It is a consortium of 89 Ohio universities, colleges, community colleges, and the State Library of Ohio. The central catalog allows users access to the holdings of all member libraries.


Who Can Use OhioLINK?

Anyone affiliated with those libraries, including faculty, staff and students, can request materials from another participating library, free of charge.


What Materials are Available for Borrowing

OhioLINK is primarily designed to lend books. Some libraries, however, may loan other formats such as videos.


What Can't I Borrow Through OhioLINK?

Currently, patrons cannot request journals or journal articles through OhioLINK. Most libraries will also not lend microfiche or microfilm items. Materials that are available at Miami and are not checked-out cannot be ordered through OhioLINK, and some materials may be labeled For Use in Library Only and can also not be ordered through OhioLINK.


How Do I Get Copies of Journal Articles?

Journal articles that Miami does not own may be requested through Miami's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Office. An online form for requesting these materials is available from the Library homepage or directly at


How Long Will OhioLINK Materials Take to Arrive?

OhioLINK materials generally arrive within 4-5 working days.


How Do I Order Materials Using OhioLINK?

First look up the item in the online catalog on the Library Homepage ( If the item does not appear in our catalog, or our copy is checked out, click on the link for OhioLINK. Once you find your item in OhioLINK, click on the green Request button. If all the copies are checked out or none are available for borrowing (i.e. Library Use Only), the system will tell you so immediately. If the item is available, you will be asked which university you are affiliated with. You will then be asked to enter your username (uniqueID) and password. Lastly, it will ask you at which library branch you'd like to receive the item. You can also have materials sent to any other OhioLINK library, if one is more convenient for you than Miami. The item should arrive at the location you chose in about 4 working days. If there is a problem and the library is unable to fulfill your request, you will be notified via e-mail.


How Will I Know When My OhioLINK Item has Arrived?

You will receive an e-mail notification when your item arrives. It will be sent to the primary e-mail address that is registered for you in Miami's Electronic Directory (i.e. To check on the status of your OhioLINK requests before your notification arrives or if you do not use your Miami e-mail account, you will need to access your circulation record. The link to your circulation record is on the Library Homepage ( where it says My Checkouts (on the right side of the black header bar), or go directly to You will need to enter your unique ID and password and click on the link which indicates the items you have on Hold. (Requesting an item from OhioLINK is the same as putting a hold on an item.) The status indicates the progress of your OhioLINK request. The status will change from Requested, to In Transit, to Ready. When the status says Ready, it is available for you to pick it up at the main desk of whichever library it was sent to. It will be held for one week before it is returned to the lending library. If you have difficulties with this process, you can check on the progress of your request by calling the library where you requested the item be sent (numbers listed below).


How Long is the OhioLINK Loan Period and How Many Times May I Renew Something?

The standard OhioLINK loan period is 3 weeks from the date you check it out, and students may renew items up to 3 times. For non-book items, however, the loan period is 7 days, with no renewals.


How Do I Renew Library Materials

You can renew items using the My Checkouts link, just as you check on the status of OhioLINK requests. Select My Checkouts from the library homepage ( and click on the link to display Checked Out items. You can check the box to the left of each item you wish to renew or click on a link to renew all your items at once.


Where Do I Return OhioLINK Materials?

You can return OhioLINK materials at the main desk in any of Miami's libraries.


What Happens if I Return Them Late?

OhioLINK charges everyone, regardless of rank, a $.50 late fee for each day the item is late.


Who Do I Call if I Have Questions About Using OhioLINK?

If you wish to see if an item has arrived, call the main desk at the library where you requested it be sent:

  • King Library: 513-529-2433
  • BEST Library: 513-529-6886
  • Art & Architecture Library: 513-529-6638
  • Amos Music Library: 513-529-2299
  • Hamilton Campus Library: 513-785-3235
  • Middletown Campus Library: 513-727-3222

If you have questions about using the system or requesting an item, come into any of the campus libraries. You can also contact us through telephone, email, or chat services: You can also contact your department's subject librarian directly. A list of the librarians and their departments is found at

Interlibrary Loan

Requesting Materials through ILL
  1. Go to the ILL website ( and enter your Unique ID and password
  2. If you are a first-user, fill out your personal information and submit
  3. Select the type of material to the bar on the left
  4. Fill out the form you are redirected to and submit

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is available to all students, staff and faculty at Miami. Books, theses, dissertations, patents, and journal or newspaper articles that are not owned by Miami or any other OhioLINK institution can be ordered through ILL.

Please be aware that some items requested by ILL take 3 weeks or longer to arrive. Failure to return materials by the due date may result in suspension of library privileges and whatever fines might be levied by the lending library. More information is available from the ILL Request Form.

Need Help?

Renew Online

You can renew your checkouts online by navigating to the library's homepage ( and logging in using your Miami uniqueID and password.

Circulation Policies


Miami-owned (including items from SW Depository &Hughes Storage):

  • Checkout period: 1 semester
  • Renewals: Unlimited while enrolled unless requested by another user


  • Checkout period: 6 weeks
  • Renewals: 6, though subject to lending library
  • Overdue fees:Overdue OhioLINK item fines are $0.50/day. Returning an item has been billed and/or is more than 30 days overdue will incur a $50 fine.

InterLibrary Loan:

  • Checkout period: 3 weeks
  • Renewals: 6, though must renew prior to due date. Subject to lending library
  • Overdue fees:Overdue Interlibrary Loan item fines are determined by the lending institution.


Digital & Video Cameras

  • Location: King Library, B.E.S.T. Library, Art & Architecture Library
  • Checkout period: 24 hours, with two photo IDs required for check out.
  • Overdue fees: $5 per hour to a maximum of $100.
  • Replacement policy: $495 per digital camera, and actual cost for accessories.

Audio Recorders

  • Location: King Library, Music Library
  • Checkout period: 24 hours, with two photo IDs required for check out.
  • Overdue fees: $5 per hour to a maximum of $100.
  • Replacement policy: $495 per digital camera, and actual cost for accessories.


NOTE: Laptops for in-library use only

  • Location: King Library and B.E.S.T. Library circulation desks.
  • Checkout period: 3 hours (laptops) and 24 hours (iPads).
  • Overdue fees: $5 per hour to a maximum of $100.
  • Replacement policy: $700 per laptop, $800 per iPad.

Microphones, Headphones, and Laptop Power Cords:

NOTE: For in-library use only

  • Location: King Library, B.E.S.T. Library, Art & Architecture Library (does not have microphones), Music Library
  • Checkout period: 3 hours.