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Psychology: Open Access Quality Indicators

Check External Resources

Library Databases

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory 

  1. Provides Indexing and Open Access information. 
  2. Search by Journal Title and ISSN (8 digit number).
    • Ulrich's shows resources as Peer-Reviewed if there is a black and white referee symbol left of the journal. 
    • Click on Abstracting & Indexing tab: If indexed in only a few places, it could be a problem.

Journal Citation Reports 

  1. Search by Journal Title to access Impact Factor. 
  2. Predatory Publishers have inaccurate Impact Factor scores.
    • Note: not all journals have impact factors.

Directory of Open Access Journals (also online)

  1. Search by Journal Title and ISSN. 
  2. More likely to be high quality if here.

External Websites


  1. Member organizations and publishers are more likely producers of high quality.

Beall's List 

  1. Potentially published by PREDATORY PUBLISHER if journal is listed here.
  2. Note: Search by Publisher too.

Evaluate Journal Website

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Fees
  3. Journal Identifiers
  4. Governing Body
  5. Issues 
  6. Website Quality

Evaluate Journal Article

  1. No Peer Review
  2. Access
  3. Author
  4. Other

Evaluate Publisher Website

  1. Consider External Resources
  2. Journal Red Flags: Policies and Procedures, Governing Body, Website Quality, etc. 
  3. Multiple journals list same editors
  4. Contact information

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