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Library Professional Development


The "You Rock Box" is a peer to peer recognition program that allows library staff to recognize and reward each other for both small and large accomplishments.  The program began in January, 2017. This page will feature honorees for the current year.

Honoree: Patrick Hawk


Patrick Hawk -- Steward and Sustain (Nominated by Heather Barbour)

Not only for being an awesome broomball captain and goalie, but that is true as well!  Patrick is always helpful when you have computer problems, IT questions, you are planning a chili cook off, and with recommending TV shows, movies or games you might be interested in. I’ve seen Patrick teach new broomball players the basics and helped other team members learn to refine their skills.  Whether your computer is acting up, you have an IT question, the team is taking the ice, or crafting souperbowl trophies Patrick is always willing to lend a hand!  Patrick, You ROCK!

Honoree: Lori Chapin


Lori Chapin -- Create and Innovate (Nominated by Kevin Messner)

Lori has worked capably in departments and positions around the university libraries for several years now.  She is always willing and capable to take on new challenges -- a colleague recently cited Lori to me as "probably the one person in this system who could accomplish this" about a project in question.  I appreciate Lori's continuing involvement around the libraries -- for example working with the 'zines workshop at Art & Architecture and with the upcoming Women's Read-In program, as well as her participation in university committees going back to her membership in CPAC and in participation in professional organizations like ALAO and OLSSI.  More important than all that though, Lori is consistently a well-liked, funny, and engaging colleague, and a person I am proud to have worked with at MUL.

Honoree:Laura Birkenhauer


Laura Birkenhauer -- Advise and Instruct  (Nominated by Abi Morgan 

Laura Birkenhauer is a Library Rock Star for so many reasons. She is a wonderful colleague with her positive, upbeat attitude and she is willing to lend a hand in any situation, from instruction assistance with huge freshmen business classes to feeding sleep-deprived students late night breakfast during Finals. She is fantastic at notifying the rest of the library staff about ways to get involved, and she always rewards you with a thank you email faster than the speed of light. Laura, YOU ROCK!

Honoree: Craig Boman


Craig Boman -- Access and Borrow (Nominated by Patrick Hawk)

Craig has been a great addition to King Library.  He is tech savvy, spends his leisure time playing the bagpipes and is a fellow Linux enthusiast.  Craig’s knowledge in Sierra has been helpful in moving the Libraries forward in the right direction.  His appreciation of technologies shows when he finds exciting technologies for the Libraries to explore.  Craig is easy going, a joy to chat with about anything, and if you ask nicely, he will make you a warm cup of tea.  Thanks for converting me into a tea enthusiast and being an insightful Rock Star. 

Honoree: Eric Weaver


Eric Weaver -- Access and Borrow (Nominated by Lori Chapin)

Eric Weaver is well deserving of the Rock box and I wish everyone could have the chance to work with him. When you serve on a committee or work on a project with Eric you can rest assured that you are not working alone.  Eric is one of the most reliable people in the libraries. He contributes in big ways, both in group work and his own responsibilities in the Music Library. He has worked hard to make the Music library welcoming and accessible; his playlists in particular are excellent (if I do say so) and a lot of fun.  The branches can sometimes feel isolating so I want to make sure that Eric knows he is appreciated and his hard work does not go unnoticed. Thanks Eric, you rock!

Honoree: Elizabeth Maurer

Elizabeth Maurer - Steward & Sustain (Nominated by Laura Birkenhauer) 

Nominated by Laura Birkenhauer, August 31, 2018
Although we work in very different areas of the library,it’s been a joy to get to know Elizabeth through committee work.
She is clearly very passionate about her job and delivers exceptional service anytime I need to refer a patron or question to her.
Elizabeth is someone I know I can always count on! Whether it’s helping with an event, a tour, stuffing dozens of giveaway bags…
no matter the task, big or small, I am confident that Elizabeth will give it 110%! One of my favorite things about Elizabeth is that although she is a very busy person – between her work, classes, wedding planning, volunteering and everything else on her plate – she is never too busy to take the time to ask how things are going, lend a listening ear, spread a little kindness and brighten up your day! Elizabeth, thank you for your commitment to the Libraries and for being such an outstanding colleague!


Honoree: Kevin Messner


Kevin Messner -- Advise and Instruct (Nominated by Craig Boman)

I don't know how he does it. Although a new role, how does Kevin manage to manage so many library staff while also hiring so many more library staff. I had the opportunity to work with Kevin on one of these hiring committees. In addition to hiring so many new staff Kevin continues to be a strong, positive example for early career librarians like myself. I look forward to working with Kevin in the future.

Honoree: Abi Morgan


Abi Morgan - Advise and Instruct (Nominated by Eric Weaver)

Abi has been a terrific member of the Access and Borrow team. As a member of the Library Game Night planning group her creativity and first-to-arrive-last-to-leave level of dedication has been a huge factor in their success. She has worked hard to increase attendance, offered creative solutions for unanticipated budget limitations, and during events has demonstrated games to new players with patience and friendliness. She's also been a great peer during the reorganization transition; her reliability has been really important as the circulation staff work together to design the best version of A&B. I also know she has been a great asset in the ongoing collection reconciliation project. We're sad to lose her in our division but we're sure she's headed to great accomplishments. Keep rockin'!