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Library Professional Development

Things to Learn: Week One


Review all the information in the Human Resources: New Hires Toolkit and other onboarding documents (see links on left)

Google Suite

Miami uses Google Mail for communication, Google Calendar to create meetings and reserve rooms, and Google Documents for collaborative work.  

Cisco Telephone

View the manual for more information about all the features of your telephone. Knowing how to transfer calls and clock-in/out (classified staff) will be very important, but other functions maybe needed depending on where you work.

Kronos (classified staff)

Emergency Messages

You can sign up to receive text notifications for University closings and information regarding dangers on and/or near campus. See the police website for more information.

Professional Picture

We use professional pictures for internal and external communications, so everyone needs one. Make an appointment on the campus photo website. Photos are taken in Williams Hall.

Things to Learn: Weeks Two-Four

Immediate Action Guide

Take time to get to know our Emergency Procedures.  Review the Immediate Action Guide, Early Closing Procedures, and other Emergency Materials on the Continuous Operations Libguide.

Professional Development and Travel

Take a look at all the tabs in this Libguide, and feel free to talk with a member of the Professional Development Committees with questions.

Classified Staff Travel Information

Unclassified Staff and Librarian Information on Travel and Discretionary PD Funds

Funding Available for Online Learning Opportunities

Event Planning

Guidelines for event planning are available. Paperwork and approvals are required, so start your planning early.

LARPS (Librarians)

For librarians with continuing contract and those in continuing contract-eligible roles, the following resources will be helpful:

Librarians Libguide

Faculty 180 (Librarians)

Librarians submit their annual reports via Faculty 180. Training is provided by the Personnel Committee.

Faculty 180 Training Documents


Miami uses Libguides as the platform for subject guides and staff informational guides. LibChat and LibAnswers are used for virtual reference and to record interactions with the public.

Your use of LibAnswers may very depending on the department you work in. Please consult your supervisor or Eric Resnis for more information.

E-mail Reference

LibAnswers FAQ

LibChat Guide

Recording Transactions -- Circulation and Information Desks

Recording Tranactions -- Create and Innovate Dept