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Library Professional Development

Job Enrichment Program

The Human Resources' Job Enrichment Program (JEP) at Miami is an opportunity for classified staff to earn credit for participating in professional development opportunities. Opportunities may be online, at Miami, or off campus and are meant to develop your skills for your current role, to help you prepare for more advanced roles, and to benefit the Miami University Libraries in our mission to provide outstanding services to students, faculty, and staff.

This guide is meant as a tool to help classified staff and supervisors to navigate the program. The Professional Development Committee is here to serve as a resource and intermediary to Human Resources when needed. This information is provided as a courtesy and in no way supercedes the information provided by HR on their website or a supervisor.

Supervisor's Role

The Supervisor's role in the Job Enrichment Program is valuable in many ways:

  • The JEP and resources related to it can benefit your staff and your department by providing valuable learning opportunities.
  • We encourage you to have on-going discussions with your staff about their performance and development including taking advantage of the JEP which offers financial incentives for staff participation.

Supervisor's Responsibilities

Supervisors must work closely with classified staff members at all stages of the process.

  • Supervisors must approve a staff member's application to the JEP which certifies that the staff member has acceptable performance.
  • A supervisor's signature is required on the JEP point request form prior to submission to HR.
  • Classified staff members must have an annual review on file in order to receive a JEP award.

Training for Supervisors

HR provides a Supervisor Development Series with workshops on a variety of topics that can help you to build valuable skills for leading others.

Workshop Pre-approval for Enrichment Points

If you are planning a professional development workshop, consider requesting pre-approval for the workshop to earn job enrichment points. Submit the Job Enrichment Course Approval/Point Request Form with an outline of the content that will be provided to Brenda Curry ( Miami Libraries' workshops typically will earn 1 point per hour as an "other tested learning opportunity" even if there is no test involved.

PRIDE Award Information

PRIDE Award Information and Guidelines

Award Submission Deadlines: March 7, June 7, September 7, and December 7

Job Enrichment Ambassadors

Do you have questions about the Job Enrichment Program?  Ask one of the Libraries Job Enrichment Ambassadors!

Heather Barbour  

Sandy Burwell  

Jen Smith  

Tricia Zeiser

JEP Guidelines

You can find the online guidelines for the JEP, broken down by category or you can download or print the Guidelines document.


See the HR Website under Application Process for complete details.

The JEP application must be submitted online through the MyCard website. 

Communicate With Your Supervisor

Maintain an open line of communication with your supervisor about:

  • What types of learning opportunities to consider.
  • Appropriate times for completing these opportunities.
  • Signing and submitting required forms.
  • Ensuring that you have a current performance evaluation.

Tips for Tracking

It is the staff member's responsibility to track their involvement in the JEP.  Go to the MYCard website to:

  • Track your progress toward Job Enrichment Awards
  • Ensure that you receive credit for opportunities that you submitted point request forms for.
  • See when your annual performance evaluation expires.
  • In most cases, points expire after 3 years so monitor your dates!

Receiving Points

In general, a 1-hour learning opportunity will equal 1 Job Enrichment point.

After completing a pre-approved professional development opportunity, you will need to submit the Course Approval Point Request Form and have it signed by your supervisor.  Submit your form with any required documentation to Rachael Rude ( Keep a copy for your own records.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

You must meet certain criteria to participate in the JEP.  See Eligibility and Prerequisites for complete details.  Here are the basics:

  • You must be a full-time staff member (some exceptions apply)
  • You must complete one year of employment to be eligible.
  • You must have a satisfactory job performance evaluation on file from the last 365 days.

Pre-approved Courses / Curriculums

HR has created curriculums or pre-approved learning opportunities based on particular job titles at Miami.  Go to Job Enrichment Curriculums to learn more and then find your job title on the Forms and Curriculums page.

Every job at Miami is unique and your role may benefit from a learning opportunity that is not on your pre-approved course list. If after discussion with your supervisor, you would like to earn credits for an unlisted opportunity, submit a Course Approval/Point Request Form to Rachael Rude ( Submit your request PRIOR to the opportunity so you will know if you will earn enrichment points. 

Learning Opportunities

In general, unless a learning opportunity is specifically listed as pre-approved on your curriculum, request pre-approval from your supervisor and HR.

Academic Courses - see your curriculum for those that are pre-approved or work with your supervisor and the Professional Development Committee to gain pre-approval.

American Management Association - see pre-approved courses in your curriculum and contact the JEP Administrator at HR to access.

Ed2Go/ Gale Courses - offers instructor facilitated online courses lasting six weeks. Free through the State Library of Ohio.

Skillport - online training courses focused on business and technical skills. Login with your unique id and password.

HR Staff Development Workshops - Click on "View Learning Opportunities", then click on "Topics", then choose "Human Resources Staff Development Workshops" for a list of opportunities currently being offered. The workshop must be listed on your curriculum or seek pre-approval.

Toastmasters - A program to help you build leadership skills and speaking abilities.

Universal Class - An online course offering that you can access for free if you belong to the Lane Public Library. Request Pre-approval.

Hoonuit (previously called Atomic Learning) - Online learning modules. Preference is for tested opportunities so be sure to request pre-approval.

Coursera - Free online classes from universities. Request Pre-approval.

Mango - Language learning software that is offered for free through Lane Public Library. Request Pre-approval.