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Library Professional Development

Funding Overview

Librarians and unclassified staff members are granted professional development funds each fiscal year in which budgetary support is available. The current funding model is available below. Note that the funding model can change in subsequent fiscal years.

  • Base Allocation -- $750
  • Additional Allocation: librarians working towards continuing contract --  $150
  • Additional Allocation: presenting or chairing a committee -- $150

Additional allocations might be granted via the Supplemental Travel Grant Program, or at administrative discretion. 

Demystifying the Process


Authorization. All staff need to submit an authorization for professional development and/or administrative travel, regardless of the cost of the travel.  Once you fill out the form, your supervisor will approve, and then Aaron Shrimplin will perform final processing.

SUPERVISORS: Please watch your e-mails for the subject line "PD Funds/Travel Authorization Form". You can approve or disapprove the authorization from the e-mail.

Librarians and unclassified staff can check on their fiscal year PD funds in this spreadsheet. You can also use this worksheet to help you better estimate additional travel expenses.


Reimbursement.  If you need to be reimbursed for travel expenses, you can do so via Chrome River.   You should use ULK715 as the default funding source.

Travel Report.  Fill out this simple form that asks you to reflect on your travel experience. This form will be forwarded to your supervisor. PDC will also review submissions to help plan for events such as "A Share Affair"

PD Funds and Travel Authorization