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Library Professional Development

About Classified Travel

Miami University reimburses or pays travel expenses only if the traveler’s purpose is:

  1. representation of the University on official University business
  2. research investigation
  3. attendance at meetings of professional societies or organizations
  4. teaching and training activities of the University. (MUPIM 16.14)

Funding is available to classified staff members for professional development travel.  Travel requests are reviewed on a case-by-base basis. All travel must adhere to University travel guidelines.

Demystifying the Process


Authorization. All staff need to submit an authorization for professional development and/or administrative travel, regardless of the cost of the travel.  Once you fill out the form, your supervisor and dept head will approve, and then Eric Resnis will perform final processing. The Dean's Office will work with you on making travel arrangements.

SUPERVISORS/DEPT HEADS: Please watch your e-mails for the subject line "Classified Staff Travel Authorization Form". You can approve or disapprove the authorization from the e-mail.



Reimbursement.  If you need to be reimbursed for travel expenses, you can do so via the University's Travel and Expense Module. Training and other information can be found on the HR website.  You should use ULK715 as the default funding source.

Directions for filling out a travel reimbursement are available.

Travel Report.  Fill out this simple form that asks you to reflect on your travel experience. This form will be forwarded to your supervisor. PDC will also review submissions to help plan for events such as "A Share Affair"

PD Funds and Travel Authorization