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Searching PsycINFO

Search using keywords related to your topic, or use the PsycINFO Thesaurus to find search terms. Select Advanced Search to limit by peer review status, publication type, methodology and more.

Q&A on APA

Q&A on APA

Q. How do I format my paper according to APA style?  What spacing and font should I use?  What should my title page look like?
A. General APA Formatting Info

Q. How do I cite information in the body of my paper?  What should a quote or paraphrase look like in my paper?
A. In-Text Citation Basics

Q. What should my Reference list at the end of the paper look like?  What should the header for this page look like?  In what order should my references be listed?
A. Reference List Basics

Q. How do I cite a book, article, website, etc. on my References page?
A. Books  |  Articles  |  Websites and Other Electronic Resources


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