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Center for Information Management: Video Editing

Video Editing

The Center for Information Management has tools for video editing appropriate for beginners and professionals. We can show you how to add commentary to existing video footage, set a photo slideshow to music, upload a video to YouTube for the first time, turn your class project into a DVD to share with future employers, and more.

Introduction to iMovie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save my work on a video, so I can come back and continue editing later?

The Center for Information Management hosts a high-capacity storage space where you can save very large project files that are difficult to save or store elsewhere called the CIM drive. It can be accessed from the computers in the CIM and KAMM classrooms, rooms 112 and 110 in King Library. Simply open the drive, create a new folder there, and move the relevant project files into the folder.

The files you need to save look different and are stored in a different place depending on the program you use. Those files are not videos you can watch or share. They are proprietary project files with the text, special effects, and clips that make up your project. To further edit the project, you must load those files into a place where the program you're using can find them.

iMovie: Movie files are located in two files in the "Movies" folder, the iMovie Library and iMovie Theater

Final Cut: Movie files are located in the "Movies" folder, in a library file named by you when you created your project library

Adobe Premiere: Movie files are located in the "Documents" folder; there, you'll find an "Adobe" folder where you will find your project file.

How do I finish my movie and share it with my professor?

iMovie: From the "File" menu, navigate to Share -> File

Final Cut: From the "File" menu, navigate to Share -> Master File

Adobe Premiere: From the "File" menu, navigate to Export -> Media

Each option will allow you to change the settings of the final video to increase or decrease the resolution, quality, and size of your video before creating the file.

My movie is too big! How do I shrink the file so I can upload it?

Video files are typically large because of the format used to create it. Some formats save more data, at a higher resolution, and end up being many gigabytes large as a result. Your best bet for a smaller file size is to compress a video into an .mP4 (or MPEG-4). 

Handbrake is the fastest, easiest way to convert a video from one format to another. Simply open the program, click the "Source" button on the top left of the window, and select your file. Then click "Start" and watch it go.

Where can I find free music, pictures, and/or video to use in my project?

There are several sources for media that can be used by the public free of charge, especially for educational purposes:

Video Editing Resources

Video creation

  • Final Cut Pro 
  • iMovie
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Video file conversion

  • Video Monkey
  • HandBrake