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Center for Information Management: Guidelines and Policy for Use

Open Instruction Spaces

Open instruction spaces are areas that are part of the common space near collection that utilized for instruction purposes. Open instruction spaces maintain their open status, so conversations and instruction should be kept at an appropriate level. Tables and chairs may be reserved but access to the collections must be maintained for all patrons. Open instruction spaces may be reserved by librarians, faculty and staff for purposes related to and/or supporting the academic mission of the University.  Registrar scheduled, credit bearing classes are not held in library spaces. One-time requests for two hours or less should be made by email at least one business day in advance to the following contacts. 


CIM - Lori Chapin or


Requests exceeding two hours or for repeat reservations should be directed to at least three business days in advance. 

All reservations are to be tracked on appropriate Google calendars for spaces to allow for assessment and tracking purposes. If support is needed for reservation, please see Events Policy.