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Center for Information Management: Digitizing

Digitizing Media

The Center for Information Management has the equipment, software, and trained personnel to turn home videos, record collections, or historical photos into digital files that can be more easily saved or shared. 

Analog to Digital Resources



Cassette Tape

Vinyl Record

Film Slides

Digitizing VHS

Available on Mac computer #13

Insert VHS into the VCR.  You can press play at this time but will need to rewind before starting to digitize. 

  1. Log in and open Elgato Video Capture . 
  2. it will pop up a license agreement.  Click Next
    1. A second pop up will come, please click Agree
  3. A registration box will come next, you may click Skip Registration
  4. The next window will allow you to name your file if you choose to and will ask how long your video is.  
    1. You can choose a time if you know how long the file will be.  If you don't 120 min is usually a safe guess.
  5. The next window will show you a blue screen and ask for the Video input-Select Composite (RCA) and the aspect Ratio-select user's personal preference. Click Next
  6. The next screen will test your audio connection.  Press Play on the VCR if you have not previously.  You should see movement on the colored bar indicating the audio is present and registering.  Click Next 
  7. This screen should show the video playing and you should be able to hear the audio also.  Please make sure the VHS is rewound and press play on the VCR and immediately press Start Recording in Elgato.  
  8. When the Tape has been completely played and has stopped in the VCR, click Stop Recording in Elgato.
  9. The next screen will show you your file and allow you to trim any desired footage from the beginning or the end of the file.  Click Continue.
  10. The next window will indicate your file has saved successfully.  Please click Play with QuickTime Player to open in a window that will allow you to save as an MP4 by selecting Export As in QuickTime. It is easiest to save to the desktop so patron's can find their files easily. 
  11. Rewind the VHS cassette and eject from the player. Please power down the VCR.