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3D Printing: Home

Guide to the University Libraries' 3D Printing Services

Contact us

If you would like to contact us directly, to ask a question or see how long the print queue is, please e-mail us at

BEST Library 3D Services Specialist

John Williams

CIM 3D Services Specialist

Lori Chapin

University Libraries 3D Printing Service

MakerGear M2

Miami University Libraries can now meet your needs when it comes to three dimensional printing. If you can imagine it, we can print it using the MakerBot Replicator printer. We can convert from a wide variety of formats for printing. In a matter of days we can print what you have imagined. Design at TinkerCad online, in Blender, or in your favorite 3D modeling program. Set up an appointment with one of the two library 3D printing specialists for a consultation.

What we can do

- Print ready-to-go 3D CAD models from a variety of file formats (e.g. .stl, .obj, -- ask us about other acceptable formats)

- Repair/modify CAD models for printability

- Access to public computers with AutoDesk products (e.g. AutoCAD, 3dsMax, Maya, Rhino), SketchUp

- Consultations on CAD modeling and file conversions

- 3D scanning using a NextEngine scanner


New Arrival!!


We have a new 3D printer located at B.E.S.T. Library, the Statasys Dimension 1200es SST.

This professional printer is capable of print at .254 mm per layer with a 10"x10"12" build envelope. While this printer has a larger resolution than our MakerGear M2 it is very precisce and reliable. With the addtion of this printer we can now print over night or over multiple nights. We can also print much more complicated objects then before due to the removable supports that this new printer uses. So bring on your projects and lets us astound you with our new printing technology. 

Also new at King Library

located in the CIM Lab, the Fusion3 F-306 3D printer. 


This printer bosts a one cubic foot build envelope!!! This is the biggest build volume currently available on campus. Print resolution is 0.1 mm per layer. Stop by CIM and see what we can make for you today!


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